L' INONDATION - 2019 The above video is a rough storyboard of a personal project I'm currently working on. I wrote the story based upon person experiences of loss and grief. I created the background using Google Sketchup. I built the room from the ground up and then populated it with a few custom made models; however, the majority of furniture models were imported from the 3D Warehouse. I then took screen shots of the BG and animated the sequence in Storyboard Pro 6. 

THE CHASE - 2019 The above video is a University of Michigan stop motion animation assignment with specific criteria. This was a two person project between another student and myself. We were co-writers on the story. Subsequently, my role was post production storyboarding, animation puppetry and post production editing. 

OYSHO + EVERLAST - ONE MORE ROUND - 2019 In the images below I was tasked with coming up with a unique look for the boxing model. They provided me with the original still image and told me to make her slightly tougher with a cartoon aesthetic. My illustrations would be used as a basis for their one more round campaign. After I sent over my illustrations the OYSHO marketing team then animated a glitch effect between the original photograph and my illustration.