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The above mixed showreel features a wide range of genres of animations: storyboarding in Storyboard Pro, visualizations in After Effects and Photoshop, and animation tests in TVPAINT. The video consists of university projects, my storyboard work on Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Spiderman as well as some animation tests and personal projects. With this mixed showreel, the editing, timing and pace was tremendously important -- and was just as satisfying as the creating the actual animations! 

Music by Otis McDonald. 

L' INONDATION The above video is a rough storyboard of a personal project I'm currently working on. I wrote the story based upon personal experiences of loss and grief. I created the background using Google SketchUp. I built the room from the ground up and then populated it with a few custom made models; however, the majority of furniture models were imported from the 3D Warehouse. I then took screen shots of the BG and animated the sequence in Storyboard Pro 6. 

Music by Nico Maximilian


The above storyboard is a personal board experiment where I was simply finding out how to pace certain fight scenes and dramatic action. A lot of attention was paid to the pacing of the two major fight scenes. Similar to the other projects I have done the background was made in Google SketchUp using models from the 3D Warehouse and my own custom models. Lastly, everything was boarded in Storyboard Pro. 

THE CHASE The above video is an animation assignment with specific criteria. This was a two person project between another student and myself. We were co-writers on the story. Subsequently, my role was pre-production storyboarding, animation puppetry and post production editing.